POWER HOUSE II : An Extremely Powerful, concentrated degreaser!

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Power House II (Concentrated), all purpose cleaner and degreaser ,designed to combat extreme cleaning challenges. It is a non-flammable, non-streaking, free rinsing, with negligible odour. It is water soluble and requires no solvent and is suitable for wide variety of surfaces. It rinses well and leaves no film or offensive odours. It is economical and readily biodegradable.

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Features And Benefits: Power House II (Concentrated) is ideally suited for degreasing and cleaning engines, “off road” equipments, concrete floors and white-wall tires. It eliminates difficult greasy soil easily. Great for Alberta GUMBO!

Application And Dilution: Power House II (Concentrated) may be applied by a pressure washer, steam cleaner or even by brush. For cleaning and degreasing of vehicles and shop floors, use 1 part up to 50 parts of hot water and apply with pressure washing equipment. For degreasing of engines, parts and tires, dilute Power House II with 5 parts of hot water. For light degreasing and cleaning, dilute Power House II with up to 100 parts of water and rinse thoroughly. More or less dilution may be required depending on the amount of grease, oil, water temperature and water pressure. Rinse with warm water after cleaning. Avoid using concentrated product on chrome or painted surfaces, otherwise rinse quickly. Do not allow extended contact with aluminum hub caps or alloy.


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