DURO-SOLV: A super solvent cleaner

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Duro-Solv is manufactured by Ducan as a super solvent cleaner. With this formula we have an advantage of quicker penetration and quicker cleaning. Combination of different chemistry solvents in Duro-Solv bring broader solvency to tackle wide variety of solids, grease, oil, stains, etc. Duro-Solv dissolves solid materials and breaks them down into a smaller particles and carrying them into solution and away from the surface.

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Features And Benefits: Duro-Solv removes wax, silicones, pin-striping and decals. It is a must in the body shop as a paint prep. It removes grease spots from upholstery and carpets. It is effective on tar, oil, grease, crayon, wax, silicones, gums, adhesives, soot, etc.

Application And Dilution: Duro-Solv is used as is, and needs no dilution. Spray or hand apply on the surface and wipe off.


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